Just a thought.

So tired of hearing/seeing posts talking shit about Justin Beiber. Don’t understand what people don’t get about no one being perfect. If you think he’s such a fuck up, stop reading shit about him. How would you feel if your personal life was out for everyone to know about? Just because your a celebrity doesn’t mean you stop being human.

From the Heart.

I think it’s funny how our hearts work. How people can love, and adore and say you’re special to them, yet when the one person you want doesn’t want you back, it can make you feel so incompetent. One person out of everyone in the world, and it breaks our hearts. I think more than that though it’s the way those we care about approach the situation. People find it so easy to say one thing, yet act differently. With all the lingering and leaving tiny bits of hope, we find ourselves clinging to these lies. The word cling makes the situation sound so desperate, however, telling yourself you’re being lied to is tough when all you want to do is believe that somewhere deep down they truly meant what they said. We’re then told to move on, that we’re “better than that”, but it’s not really a decision we can make with our minds. I feel like to not care anymore, someone has to truly not want the person, not just not want to deal with the pain of caring anymore. Love is a hard thing to find, and I hope love itself is worth all the heartbreak along the way. Guess the point I want to make is to realize how tough it can be. Everyone has been on the side of not being wanted enough, but everyone has also been on the side where it’s easy to call on the person who cares about you even if you don’t care about them. Have some respect. Don’t loose morale because of what someone has put you through. You remember what it felt like, don’t be the cause.

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